My Scourge, My Plague - NEW !! 3 track MCD

Image of My Scourge, My Plague -  NEW !! 3 track MCD

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Review from "Irish Metal Archive":
...each track is littered with intense and heavy riffs, but countered perfectly with an array of melancholic and dare I say… beautiful, guitar leads. It’s as if they’ve managed to recreate the stirring use of violins from MY DYING BRIDE‘s classic early albums but done instead with guitar melodies and harmonies layered perfectly across the tracks. And Paul Leyden’s vocals are superb throughout! His gruff harsh vocals are clear and forceful, while his spoken passages add to the overall pitiless feel and nature of the music. It’s a style that not many bands can do really well and GRAVEYARD DIRT are one of the few who do it perfectly. And the aura created by all these elements is what really makes GRAVEYARD DIRT stand out. They just do it so brilliantly it’s neigh on impossible to escape it’s captivating gravity.